Our company has a young and innovative project, created to respond to the importance of providing a different service and exceeding your expectations. Combined with the tradition of welcoming Portuguese people, Different4u provides a personalized service, providing the comfort, security and tranquility necessary to fully enjoy a walk. The Honda Goldwing Gl 1500 is a motorcycle of great tourism. It has space for small luggage, comfortable leather seat and sound system. For your safety and comfort we provide helmet, jacket, gloves and leg protection in case of cold or rain. Due to public health and Covid-19 rules we also provide hair caps, surgical gloves, alcohol gel and masks.

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Headquartered in Sintra / Mem Martins, Different4u has been operating since 2018. It starts a new course after the covid-19 pandemic now providing services on 2 wheels - Honda Goldwing 1500, with the comfort and security for special services and individual tourism in Portugal, authorized to carry out tours on thematic routes and other routes to discover the heritage and guided tours to museums, monuments and other places of heritage interest. '' I will be professional and responsible in the first person to respond on behalf of the company. I will be helpful and attentive in your decisions and places to visit scheduled. '' - António Lopes - CEO We are available to meet you or your destination anywhere in Portugal, contact us through the website and you will have answers, confirmation or budget for your event.


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